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Teacher Burnout Is Pushing Passionate Educators
Away From The Profession

Unfortunately, the biggest trend we’re seeing in the education world is teachers burning out and leaving the profession. Stressed, isolated, and frustrated, teachers like you are leaving the profession at historic rates.
We don’t have a recruitment problem – we have a retention problem. The teacher retention problem is now exacerbated by the impacts of teaching during the pandemic.
The problem is most stark in the disproportionate lack of teachers of color.
We know that current school and district resources are not meeting your daily support needs. We can help you be proactive now to get the encouragement and support you need, so that you can thrive in your profession.
You Need Consistent Highly-Engaged Support

Our Coaching Community Is Here For You Daily

Sometimes you need to vent. Sometimes you need a quick resolution. The Edifying Teachers Community is here no matter which of these you need on any given day. You can receive on-demand, frequent encouragement from a teacher mentor that understands (from experience) exactly how to support you.
We Are Teachers Supporting Teachers

Research-Based & Teacher-Driven

We are teacher-founded and dedicated to creating a supportive space to bring together new teachers and veteran teachers because we know that our best source of support as educators is each other.
We know that school districts and administrators struggle with keeping up with the mentoring needs of their new teachers. So we are working to provide what we see as a suitable stop-gap solution.
We know what you are facing as a new teacher.
We know that you need and deserve consistent encouragement and personalized support for your growth, wellbeing, and longevity in the profession.
Black Teachers Better Support Black Students' Educational Journeys

Edifying Teachers is here to bridge the gap between the support your school district provides and what you need on your teaching journey.

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Are you an experienced educator of color, interested in helping ensure new and aspiring teachers of color have the encouragement, support, and resources they need to feel and be successful? Tell us more about yourself to help us find opportunities for you!

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